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I consider it as honor to have been assumed as principal of this prestigious intuition. The assignment, I must admit, is both a challenge and an opportunity.

The school has a mission-a noble mission as enshrined in the statement of its aims, objectives and ideals. Apart from imparting academic education, it lays due emphasis on physical fitness, character and leadership training with a view to turning out well rounded and disciplined citizens.

There is a 'trinity' which is directly involved in the pursuit and promotion of the aims and ideals of the institution. This 'trinity' comprises members of the staff (both academic & administrative), the parents and students.

My APPEAL to the parents-is the school always needs your help and cooperation. Please do not underestimate your role in the making of your ward in our charge. We greatly value the feed-back received from you for review and refinement of our policies and programmes. I can assure you that these are your good words those are always upper most in our minds.

My EXHORTATION to the staff is-your job, gentlemen are not merely as matter of earning your livelihood. It is a mission which can be fulfilled only if you are fired with requisite missionary zeal. Reverence for your pupils, as Bertrand Russel has said that teacher is most essential trait. Your task calls for both competence and commitment.

Material rewards are important as a motivational force but for more important in this regard is the urge for self-objectification and self-actualization.

My ADVICE to the students is-these are most formative years when the foundation of one's personality in one's life islaid, so put your heart and soul into your work, and make the best use of your time and the facilities available in the school. Remember, this is a time to maintain physical fitness and academic excellence to acquire definitive goal. But discipline is more important than any other quality and most important of all is character. You have to be both great and good.

For the realization of the concept of all round development of the students, quality education is to be maintained.

The aim of education is both social and individual. In the words of Will Durant, a great philosopher "Education is transmission of civilization".

In the absence of civilization, it is new knowledge which paves the way, and pavement is eternal.

             Swami Vivekanand defined education as:-          

           "Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in Man" 

He conceived the role of education as a facilitating one, which helps to build the latent talents already present in the Individual Quality and education were considered as an integral part of human developments. Defining the objectives of education, the Vedas said 'SaVidya Ya Vimukthaye' that means education is that which liberates. Thus freedom from fear was sighted as fundamental to the pursuit of education. This was considered vital, as freedom is a precondition to creativity and pursuit of excellence.

It is stated that education is not complete, without five principal aspects relating to five principal activities of the human beings, the physical, the vital, the mental, the psychic and spiritual.

All the five elements have their own logic of growth and complement related to each other in man's developmental process. When all the five elements are nursed and nurtured, the concept of quality emerges as the essence of life. One could, thus see the holistic vision of the Indian masters in perceiving education.

Value and quality are two sides of the same coin. We cannot handle one without the other. In the educational context, the use of the term Value is dominant over that of quality. Hence induction of values as a part of the curriculum and pedagogy has been the prime concern of Indian education.

We understand that every new day brings a new standard of excellence. To progress, we have to make better efforts every day. It is our endeavor to make Central Academy, an institution providing complete education involving harmonious development of all human facilities. Our students have excelled in every sphere of activity. Their outstanding performance in academic including board results, games and sports, inter-school activities and other co-curricular activities is a sure indication of our quest for excellence.

At last, I convey my warm greetings to the teachers, students and all the others who have contributed to the glory of CENTRAL ACADEMY, REWA.



National CBSE Mentor Awardee

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